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August 2011

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Mar 29, 2008



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Marathon Finish

Running Accomplishments:

2011 Salt Lake City Half  1:42  

2010 Buffalo Run 25 K  2:25  

2010 St George Marathon 3:48  

2011 Mid Mountain Trail Marathon 4:27 

2011 Squaw Peak 50 mile 14:00:49 

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Keep going!


married, 4 children

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Miles:This week: 0.00 Month: 30.29 Year: 30.29
Saucony Peregrine 6 Lifetime Miles: 569.92
New Balance 1080 Lifetime Miles: 27.42
Saucony Peregrine 6 Blue Lifetime Miles: 561.44
Peregrine 8 Lifetime Miles: 323.00
Saucony Peregrine 2019 Lifetime Miles: 229.48
Brooks Cascade 14 Lifetime Miles: 128.26
Slow milesFast milesTotal Distance
Saucony Kinvara Miles: 3.00Cascadia 6 Miles: 72.03Brooks Cascadia 5 Miles: 5.16
Slow milesFast milesTotal Distance

Weak sauce

Saucony Kinvara Miles: 3.00
Slow milesFast milesTotal Distance

Wow that was a long break of no running.  In Newport Beach now.  Beautiful place.  Arrived on Saturday and logged nothing but about 15,000 calories.  Ran this morning up Newport Coast Drive then Vista Ridge Road.  3.3 up 3.3 down.  Absolutely gorgeous homes around here.   Can also tell that I am at sea level as there is so much oxygen compared to our neck of the woods in SLC.  Fun Stuff...off to the beach.

Cascadia 6 Miles: 6.69
Slow milesFast milesTotal Distance

Started off the morning with a Seaside Donut glazed twist.  Heaven I tell you.  Then up the hill again for a leisurely 5.  Trying to find a trail around here...  Love the climate though...


Cascadia 6 Miles: 5.15
Slow milesFast milesTotal Distance

Ran 6 of this at water's edge near the rolling waves along Crystal Cove state park beach, slogged out the rest on the roads around Newport.  Need a donut.




Cascadia 6 Miles: 10.55
Slow milesFast milesTotal Distance

Cascadia 6 Miles: 6.30
Slow milesFast milesTotal Distance

This was a hard, come to Jesus, run.  What I mean is, this was the realization that I knew was coming.  I am not in great shape anymore.  THis run was just a neighborhood route, but way harder than it should be.  Need to get back on the running train.  Nick...you may be carrying me on Sat.  Is there room in the Nathan?

Brooks Cascadia 5 Miles: 5.16
Slow milesFast milesTotal Distance

Oreo and I got up and did the Wasatch Crest trail this morning which I have wanted to do for some time, but just never had a good chance too.  Was a beautiful place that lived up to all expectations.  I was weak sauce on the running, with my overall fitness less than last year at this point and my body wanting more oxygen than the 10,000 foot level was providing but Oreo was strong and willed us on.

 The Crest is gorgeous and green and full of wild flowers with some amazing views.   Loved looking down on Desolation Lake.  We took our time seeing the views overall.  Ran to Big Water then down the Millcreek canyon road for 3 miles until Pipeline starts at Elbow Fork.  Then Pipeline to Rattlesnake Gulch. I was dying and went down Church Fork to end up about a mile less than Oreo.  Had to do some walking even on the flats, just to try and get wind and heat under control, but fun, beautiful day...definitely one I would like to do again some day.

time 4 hours 

Cascadia 6 Miles: 21.00
Slow milesFast milesTotal Distance

Shake out is all.  Legs and hips sore from Saturdays extravaganza...Nice to be out in the cool morning though...

Cascadia 6 Miles: 3.00
Slow milesFast milesTotal Distance

Pipeline...churchfork to rattlesnake and back...noon...hot...spontaneous combustion to conflagration of flames at mile 4...trail maiden, aka golden retriver, puts out flames ... saves life 

Cascadia 6 Miles: 5.24
Slow milesFast milesTotal Distance

am heat festival run 1.5., needed a portopotty and couldnt find  one so went back home and decided to hit something later when the temp was cooler.

 5.6 trail hike and run starting at Big Water parking lot and going up Little Water trail 2 miles to Dog Lake (3 labs in water when I got there so aptly named)  some little side trails then down Big Water Trail.  Beautiful downhill run with temps in upper 60's instead of 90 in the valley.  Bit nervous for Mid Mountain marathon in 2 weeks as my miles have been overall pitiful, but should be a good time anyway. 

Cascadia 6 Miles: 7.10
Slow milesFast milesTotal Distance

Wanted to try a new trail today, so went up Big Cottonwood to Mill B North Trail.  Could tell pretty soon this was not a widely used trail past the first 1.5 miles.  It soon became bushwacking and getting covered with hundreds of wispy spider webs.  Fun anyway to explore a new area.  So the first 3.5 was mostly hiking  for that reason and the relatively steep grade as you climb about 2500 feet over that distance.  It eventually is supposed to hook into Desolation trail but the map said I should have hit it about 3 miles in and at 3.5 no sight of it yet.  So overgrown at times couldnt see my feet as the bushes came to waist area.

Beautiful views across the canyon though and some fun meadow areas to go through.  Didnt see a soul the whole time.  Ran as possible all the way down.  Slowest mile 23, Fastest 9 or so.  Fun quad busting day. 

Cascadia 6 Miles: 7.00
Slow milesFast milesTotal Distance
Saucony Kinvara Miles: 3.00Cascadia 6 Miles: 72.03Brooks Cascadia 5 Miles: 5.16
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