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Skyline Trail Marathon

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Mar 29, 2008



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Marathon Finish

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2011 Salt Lake City Half  1:42  

2010 Buffalo Run 25 K  2:25  

2010 St George Marathon 3:48  

2011 Mid Mountain Trail Marathon 4:27 

2011 Squaw Peak 50 mile 14:00:49 

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Keep going!


married, 4 children

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Miles:This week: 8.89 Month: 20.60 Year: 530.55
Saucony Peregrine 6 Lifetime Miles: 569.92
New Balance 1080 Lifetime Miles: 27.42
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Burch hollow to Elbow Fork then up Terraces swithbacks for about a half a mile then back.  had to walk some of the ups today, just not mentally or physically quite there, but beautiful day with very few people on the trail this am.  1:15 for  trip

Brooks Cascadia 4 Miles: 7.12
Slow milesFast milesTotal Distance

Up Rattlesnake Gulch to overlook then back to Church Fork the Back down Rattlesnake... felt good today, but 20 more miles over peaks a bit daunting for two weeks from now...what the heck, eh?  You still on Mozz?

Brooks Cascadia 5 Miles: 6.14
Slow milesFast milesTotal Distance

Hot Mother today!  Ran at noon...call day at the hospital, but slow moment so I strapped on the Nathan backpack, put the phone and pager in and took off.  Road run today, but this only reaffirmed that I am not totally ready for the trail marathon in two weeks, especially if it is hot... anyway was dying about mile 8 with just general overheated body and sore, tired muscles and an insane ice cream truck following me for about a mile.  I swear the guy inside playing that song again and again has got to be unhitched and likely dangerous.  Had some great Ranier Cherries after the run.

Brooks Cascadia 4 Miles: 10.00
Slow milesFast milesTotal Distance

Putting this one in as a run even though lots of walking.  Climbed summit of Mt Olympus with Sam and Ali.  Did enough running on the way down to fry the quads hard core.  This really is not an easy climb but beautiful views from the top.  I belive the vertical rise is 4200ft.  Tired and snotty right now.

Brooks Cascadia 5 Miles: 6.60
Slow milesFast milesTotal Distance

Had to do a slow burner just to loosen the quads of a massive lactic acid party.  Felt slow and good. Missing my dog Charlie who was taken too soon in a tragic accident this week.  

Brooks Cascadia 4 Miles: 3.20
Slow milesFast milesTotal Distance

Evening run around Hilsden Loop, nothing to fancy..avg 8:23, felt easy despite the heat.  That being said, I really didn't want to run much more today.  Good Weekend to All.

Brooks Cascadia 4 Miles: 4.34
Slow milesFast milesTotal Distance

Up in Deer Valley area for family vaca.  Has been sweet but too short.  this day I ran around some trails near Solamere loop, hooked into some trail called Gamble Oaks.  Was a good find.  Didnt want to do too much because I am running the Skyline Trail marathon this weekend up near Huntsville.  And truth be told I am kind of winging it, but what the heck, eh?

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Went on Mountain Bike day with my son and sister and brother in law.  As usual my sister in law who is a freak of athletic nature kicked my A and I went hours more on the beautiful switchbacks around Park City than I initially had in mind.  however it was worth it, great views, and sore quads for the race this Saturday.  Also took a tumble off the trail and bruised my left butt cheek. Woohoo! 

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Race: Skyline Trail Marathon (26.2 Miles) 05:05:04, Place overall: 14, Place in age division: 6
Slow milesFast milesTotal Distance

This was an epic day, just the kick butt 5000 or so elevation gain and 5 K loss, warm day, and my first trail marathon. This was a fantastic trail starting at North Fork Park in Liberty and ending in Eden park, 95% or more on single track trail going up near Ben Lomond Peak then to the top of North Ogden divide then up the Butt Kicking Lewis Peak.  Kudos to Bryce and anyone else that can stay running on this trail.  Very steep and highish elevation.  Really beautiful views both on the Huntsville valley and Ogden sides along this whole run.

Splits for those interested.

15:33, 15:21, 15:55, 15:01, 13:12, 15:06 These first 6 are mostly mix of power hike and run up switchbacks.  Could have run more if this was a shorter race, but not anticipating what lay ahead.

10:26, 9:19, 8:00, 7:33, 7:28, 7:41  These 6 are along the summit and then down to the top of the divide road.  Did a Superman dive into the dirt around mile 10.  Awesome.  Felt great overall here.

11:12, 23:08, 17:59, 11:59 Climbing Lewis Peak, laughing and cursing at the same time when I crested the first "Peak" only to see it was kind of a falsie and saw the real peak up ahead.  Felt slow but steady through here.

8:11, 8:11, 9:08, 9:23, 8:08, 8:20 Descent down to Pineview...beautiful trail again.  Felt body getting a bit tight and tired and hot.

10:01, 10:19, 11:47, 10:25  wheels coming off though this endless march through high heat, back wrenching, rollers, limped home with a mixture of walk then run then walk then swearing episode.  Fun 3 Gu day overall.

 Thanks to Mozzer for his run with me for the first 10 or so until his ankle got tweaked, then got bit by some creature, but held on for the finish when the body was calling it quits.

Nice half marathon for the Hairdog, and Thanks to Oreo for driving us up and supporting at the mile 22 station.  This may be my last run.  Ha Ha 




Brooks Cascadia 5 Miles: 26.50
Slow milesFast milesTotal Distance

Afternoon Pipeline trail with Hannah and Emily.   95 degrees in the valley.  A bit cooler up on the trail.  Can tell my legs are still shot from the race.  Nice to get out though.  Will take it easy for another week.  Or maybe longer...

Brooks Cascadia 4 Miles: 5.00
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Slow milesFast milesTotal Distance

Hot sucky poutfest of running around the Big T loop.  Limped home to run another better day.  Inside thigh on right (adductors) still totally trashed and unstable since the skyline marathon... avg very high

Saucony Progrid 09 Miles: 8.00
Slow milesFast milesTotal Distance

Late night get out of the house run.  Cool temps made it nice.  avg 8:45 not sure if Ill get out again til weekend.

Saucony Progrid 09 Miles: 3.35
Slow milesFast milesTotal Distance
Brooks Cascadia 4 Miles: 29.66Brooks Cascadia 5 Miles: 39.24Saucony Progrid 09 Miles: 11.35
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