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Ogden Marathon 2010

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Mar 29, 2008



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Marathon Finish

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2011 Salt Lake City Half  1:42  

2010 Buffalo Run 25 K  2:25  

2010 St George Marathon 3:48  

2011 Mid Mountain Trail Marathon 4:27 

2011 Squaw Peak 50 mile 14:00:49 

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Keep going!


married, 4 children

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Saucony Peregrine 6 Lifetime Miles: 569.92
New Balance 1080 Lifetime Miles: 27.42
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Jaunt around Big Titty Loop with Ol Mill extension.  Now I am seriously worried that my ankle has got some tweak in it.  Good news is that it feels completely stable, but a sharp pain on the medial achilles around to inside is constantly there.  That right butt cheek, knee and unmentionalbles also seem to be sore.  I think I am screwing up that side of my body.  Just need to man up I guess. 

Saucony Progrid Miles: 10.03
Slow milesFast milesTotal Distance

Just a stretch the ankle out run.  Still quite sore.  Might not run it...  Ha ha.  Of course I will.  Might just take a lortab prior to make it more interesting.  avg 8:35

Brooks Cascadia 4 Miles: 3.50
Slow milesFast milesTotal Distance

Was up at Stein Erikson in Deer Valley.  heaven up there.  Did a slow run up and down the hills around the area including Empire pass area.  My ankle hurts immensely but I am a man and will try not to complain but I may seek the advice of an ortho doc prior to the race.  Kept it slow on this one.

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Race: Ogden Marathon 2010 (26.2 Miles) 03:53:03, Place overall: 601, Place in age division: 57
Slow milesFast milesTotal Distance

This was my first marathon.  Something I never really thought I was going to do in my life for lots of reasons, but after running 6 halfs and with pressure to run from 4 brothers that also ran this race (3 for first time as well) I was really happy that I did.  On the other hand mile 24 25 and 26 and .2 really sucked.  The race is a fun one because of the great course, support and finish area, and being a Huntsville native, it was the old stomping grounds.  Beautiful day, perfect temperature, and a great dinner pre race by my sister in law Jamie who also ran.


8:41, 8:34, 8:30, 8:22, 8:34, 8:32, 8:24, 8:48, 8:38, 8:37, 8:51, 8:49, 9:13 half (1:53), I took a porta john break at mile 12.5 thinking I had to go, but I didn't have to go, which really just ended up being a time waster.

8:49, 9:09 hill, 8:46, 8:54, 8:43, 8:43 thought I was going faster here because of slight downhill in the canyon, but starting to fatigue out I guess, 8:50, 8:57, 9:06, 8:37, 9:07, 9:29, 9:34

 Overall I was really wanting this to be over mile 22 to 23 on.  Quads burning.  Ankle which was hurting a lot the last 2-3 weeks was actually sore but ok, not much of a factor. Happy with race to have finished the first one which is a mental hurdle, and I stayed consistent with my general game plan and broke four hours with some spare change.  Nice job to brothers Oreo, Mozzer, Hairdog and Fredrick.  You guys are studs. 


Saucony Progrid 09 Miles: 26.20
Slow milesFast milesTotal Distance

First real movement since the marathon.  Felt pretty good to get the legs moving again.  Sore still and fatigued the muscles quickly.  Whats the next race?

Brooks Cascadia 4 Miles: 3.50
Slow milesFast milesTotal Distance

Just wanted to be outside on this fine day.  Did a couple of surgeries and then went out for a neighborhood jaunt.  Tried to push some of the miles, managed an 8:17 average and am sore everywhere.  Marathons do suck it out of you a bit

Saucony Progrid 09 Miles: 4.50
Slow milesFast milesTotal Distance

Some of the hills along Holiday Blvd with run to Market Street.  Tried to push all these miles except ran out of steam on mile 3 but picked it up again 4-6.  Was happy with 8:12 average for the run.  Just saw the Ogden Pictures.  Bros look studly as usual.  I look bowlegged and nearly dead with the customary lower half looking like I am speed walking instead of running.  haha

Brooks Cascadia 4 Miles: 6.00
Slow milesFast milesTotal Distance

Inspired by mozzer's 13.1, so went up to pipeline trail. Started at Burch Hollow and went up to Elbow Fork and then started up toward Mt. Aire.  Havent been up that way before.  About 3/4 mile in I had to make emergency stop.  Glad that I learned the snow trick for personal hygiene from the Hairdog.  Ran dizzily back to the car.  Slow but rewarding country.  Energy in legs is still lacking.

Brooks Cascadia 5 Miles: 7.20
Slow milesFast milesTotal Distance

Big T loop on a warm spring morning finally.  I think Nick transfered his IT band problems to my left knee.  Voodoo worker.  I need to put on another of those Aztec nanochip patches now to take away the pain.  avg 8:44  Felt like crapola most of the time.  But i saw the coolest bluejay I have ever seen.  May have been a mirage...but I don't think so.

Saucony Progrid 09 Miles: 8.00
Slow milesFast milesTotal Distance

Just got the powdered donut out of my system.  Happy Holidays

Brooks Cascadia 4 Miles: 3.00
Slow milesFast milesTotal Distance
Saucony Progrid Miles: 10.03Brooks Cascadia 4 Miles: 16.00Saucony Progrid 09 Miles: 38.70Brooks Cascadia 5 Miles: 7.20
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